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 DOWNLOAD PUBG New State  Latest APK and OBB with  download link
24 October


PUBG NEW STATE is still in developing mode but gamers like us cant wait to test play the game so here we bring you their APK and OBB files for limited edition mobiles 

PUBG was the most popular game of India while in recent past years PUBG had a made a lot of make over before it when on getting banned 

PUBG has be banned in India as since of a conflict with their privacy policy rules has per the social sources PUBG new state has still not been launched in most of the part handled store in google play but their is a good news for you here we bring you the tested version of PUBG new state 

with this arrival of PUBG new state most of the competitor of this game feel so bad has the craze for PUBG is higher in youth when compared to other games has of now this game can only run on few devices where has this game required a long amount of ram then compared to real version of this game 


1. 4GB OF RAM 




STEP 1 : Download the pubg new state apk from the given link below & then download OBB expansion file for the game from the below link 

STEP 2 : Tap the apk first then it will pop up to install also note the requirements about to play this game 

STEP 3: Now go to the android file manager or android folder on you phone storage open the OBB folder and then paste the OBB file inside a folder called "com.pubg.newstate.beta"

STEP 4: now open your apk and play has a test user for PUBG NEW STATE 



Modern Strike Online Mod APK v1.47.0 [Unlimited Money + Gold + Ammo] 2022 Download
20 October


Download Modern Strike Online: PvP FPS MOD APK

Can’t get enough of PvP FPS action games? Looking for free-killing first-person shooter games around? Well, you’re in luck! Modern Strike Online Mod APK is everything you’ve ever wanted from a free FPS game and even more!

Enjoy the coolest dynamic shooter game with PC-quality graphics. Play online with your friends in the tensest first-person shooters and join action PvP battles to win and conquer! The mobile game in the vein of everyone’s favorite Call of Duty, CSGO, and PUBG!

Free FPS game:

5 popular combat shooting modes for single or multiplayer PvP battles! Clans wars and special gun wars!
Free Daily rewards! Play every day to claim your free prizes and complete daily tasks! Easy and intuitive combat controls!
50 unique weapon types: combat pistols, awp rifles, cool machine guns, swat shotguns and other special ops weapons!
CSGO style Weapon skins! Optimization for weak devices!
Call of beautiful modern pc game graphics just as detailed as on PCs! Easy and intuitive controls!

Awesome 5v5 PvP battles:

14 unique 5v5 PvP maps with different surroundings and their own original style! Play awesome games with your own rules!
You’ll need good FPS games tactics, strategic thinking and teamwork to win! Find your enemy’s weak spots and win!

Popular action game modes:

TDM! Two teams go head-to-head. The goal: destroy and frag your opponents! Dominate the battlefield with your friends!
Call of Deathmatch battles! It’s every special ops soldier for themselves! Free for all pvp battle for the most skilled FPS soldiers!
Plant the bomb battle! The terrorist team plants a bomb, and the special forces team tries to stop them! Just like in Call of duty, d day and CSGO.
Special OPS operations: Two teams battle it out with just one life per round. The winning team is whoever has at least one soldier standing at the end.

Multiplayer shooting games:

Fight for your place on the PvP leaderboard! Upgrade your combat armor and weapons, and choose your favorite pg skins. Thanks to optimal game balance, realistic sounds, and awesome pc game graphics.

Popular FPS shooter:

Online FPS combat inspired by cod, pubg and csgo!
50ml+ online players all over the world!


Season 12 "Demonic legacy" has already started!

- New weapons: Beretta AR70, Vityaz, DP-12
- Legendary skin "Oni" for Beretta AR70
- New character Shirogane and Kabuto helmet
- New rare skins
- New Yakuza map
- The level cap was extended to level 150 - come further up, come further in!
- New placement of the weapons - now your skins won't stay unnoticed!
- Voicing for characters and a seasonal calendar
- Reworked grenades' system
- Other updates and improvements

Modern Strike Online: PvP FPS MOD APK Info:

Unlimited Ammo
Decisions Choose Your Interactive Stories v6.3 Mod Apk 2022 Download
20 October


Download Decisions: Choose Your Interactive Stories Choice MOD APK

Download Decisions Choose Your Interactive Stories Choice MOD APK – fun love games immerse in some of the most impressive chapters you’ll ever lay your eyes on!

Decisions – Choose Your Interactive Stories 2021 is a ‘visual novel’ or interactive story where you choose between several stories and several different settings. Star in a romantic novel, a drama, or a mystery novel — whichever you want. From the main menu of the game, you choose between different premises and live the one you like the most, and make decisions to change the course of the story.

The gameplay is simple: you have to make some very important decisions in key points of your characters’ life stories and accept the consequences that unfold. A very important part when it comes to Decisions – Choose Your Interactive Stories 2018 is that, despite being novels with a clear romantic backstory, in general, there is a certain underlying feminist discourse and female protagonists can choose how they prefer to act in that respect.

Decisions Game Features!

πŸ‘« Customize your character.
πŸ‘« Multiple episode choices.
πŸ‘« Exciting dress-up options.
πŸ‘« Several genres to choose from.
πŸ‘« Make your decisions in visually engaging stories.
πŸ‘« The game is available in 25 languages


Your Soulmate is a Prince... Of VAMPIRES! πŸ§›‍♂️πŸ–€ So when Love bites, will you bite back? Find out in our...
NEW STORY: πŸ‘‘πŸ§›Vampire PrinceπŸ§›πŸ‘‘ Available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, German, Indonesian, Turkish, Arabic, Thai & Polish!

Decisions: Choose Your Interactive Stories Choice MOD APK Info:

Unlimited Gold Coins
Unlimited Movements